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5 Products To Purchase For Your Next Home DIY Paint Project


Home projects can be fun and are a great way to check those to-dos off your list without breaking the bank. If you’re preparing to tackle your next home painting project but aren’t sure what products and supplies you’ll need, Hess Supply Co. has got you covered. 

A DIY painting project doesn’t mean you have to lack quality or skills. With the right tools, plan, and preparation, you can complete any home project like the pros do. To help, we’re sharing five products we highly recommend checking out before cracking open your can. 

Quality Brushes 
Brushes (different kinds for cutting in)- we recommend 2.5” Wooster Ultra Pro Firm for cutting in walls and doing trim- 2.5” Chinex FTP for exterior and can also be used for cutting in walls and trim.  These brushes are only to be used with latex products.  As long as a homeowner has these two brushes, and they clean them and take care of them, they are the only brushes they will ever need

Roller Covers 
The best roller cover for ceilings and walls are ½” Wooster Pro Doo-Z. When washed and cared for properly, these roller covers can last a long time and provide great application with every use. Their shed-resistant fabric gives the finest finish and resists matting. This is something many DIYers look for but aren’t sure how to articulate. If you want a clean finish that looks professional without expert skills, these roller covers will have your back. 

Whizz Rollers
Whizz rolling is a great technique to use on doors (and most people don’t know this trick!). For areas that require a glossy finish, microfiber applicators like whizz rollers are the best choice. Mohair or microfiber works great for all surfaces that require a smooth paint finish to the point that there is no discernible texture or marks and that can be rolled, including doors. These surfaces are a common area where using a whizz roller can save time. Microfiber rollers excel at these kinds of interior paint jobs. 

Drop cloths and plastic coverings
Always protect your surfaces and surrounds with drop cloths and plastic covers. These are inexpensive ways to ensure that even when accidents happen and paint sprays, your floors, other walls, and belongings won’t get ruined with wet paint. At Hess Supply Co, we offer triple butyl drop cloths in 9×12 or 4×12 and clear painter’s plastic in large quantities – perfect for getting the job done!

McCormick Paint 
McCormick Paint – ever heard of it? If not, it may be one of the best kept secrets. McCormick Paint is a family-owned business from the Maryland area. Their quality, prices, and selection offer something for everyone with incredible finishes. Their products are made and tested in the Mid-Atlantic region, meant for our weather and local conditions, and always made in the USA. Win, win!

Need more tips?
Explore the Hess Supply Co. blog or stop in our store for those local to the York, PA, area. Our friendly experts are here to help you complete your painting projects just like the pros – and at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today with other questions or needs!