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5 Reasons Why Paint Contractors Should Shop At Local Paint Store


Over the past few years, it is no secret that supply chains and product inventory has become a mess for many industries – including products for contractors. With tight timelines to meet and projects to wrap up, it’s essential for contractors to have access to the products and tools they need to complete their work successfully. 

For those suffering from delayed shipping, out of stock inventory, and other roadblocks, consider looking into a local paint store to supplement these products you need. 

At many local paint supply stores like Hess Supply Co in York, PA, inventory had a much better selection than that of big box stores and online retailers. Even if small stores don’t have something in stock that you’re looking for, their options for ordering and tracking down products for you often offer more flexibility for you, as well. When you shop small and locally, you have the benefit of working directly with trusted partners who have your best interests at heart. 

Friendly Staff 
With a small business also come personal relationships with those directly involved in your community. Many local paint stores not only have helpful individuals who know the industry but they also understand the unique needs of paint contractors specific to your area. 

Personalized Service
Unlike large stores where you’re just another number, small local businesses value your business and treat you like the respected, expert contractor that you are. Personalized service is often a cornerstone of values for many local stores. Because many store owners and employees understand the unique nature of your business – the challenges, goals, and nuances — they cater their service to best meet your needs. 

Expert Advice 
As a specialty paint store, expertise is almost a requirement. Many local stores have owners or staff who are familiar with the industry and oftentimes have backgrounds and knowledge bases that are similar to the experts who they serve. At Hess Supply Co, the owners, Todd and Alex Hess, have over 20 years of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential painting. This means that they can accurately answer your questions and provide advice or recommendations that come from a knowledgeable background. They also understand the industry and its changing landscape like the back of their hands. 

Community Connections 
One of our favorite reasons to shop small locally? The community connections. You may not know who owns your local paint supply store, but you will soon. They are often your neighbors, friendly faces you see at the grocery store, and those whose business’s success depends on your patronage. Not only are these community members closer than you might think, they often know others in the industry and connect you with additional work, peers who may be of value to you, and others in the industry who can help support the work that you do. 

Shop local in York, PA
For those in the Central Pennsylvania area, Hess Supply Co is proud to offer painting contractors like you the products and services that you need. We welcome you to visit us at our location at  2406 N Sherman St, York, PA 17406 or call our store with questions at (717) 650-2390